If you are not using equipment leasing to help your customers, consider these points:


Help is on the way.

Would you like to make it easier for your customers to buy from you? By partnering with Atticus Financial, you can add easy point-of-sale financing for your customers.


Only the best will do.

Do your customers want the top-of-the-line model but have to settle for lower-end models because of budget issues? Leasing makes it easy for your customers to get more options because the higher cost is spread over time. Small increases in monthly payments can get them hundreds or even thousands more in equipment value.


Sticker Shock.

Have you had customers complain about how much your product costs? Everything costs more these days and leasing can allow you to make your products available for small monthly payments instead of one large lump sum.


Show me the money.

Do you dread having to ask for the whole purchase price up front or worse having to make a reminder call when the installment payments haven’t come in yet? With leasing, you are paid immediately upon your customer signing the lease and accepting the equipment.


Times are changing.

Does your equipment change over time? If you sell technology related products, you know that the equipment you sell today will soon become replaced by newer versions. Leasing is a great way to plan for upgraded equipment at specific times so that your customers always have the latest technology instead of being stuck with obsolete equipment.Whether you offer leasing now or not, we’ll help you add value for your customers. From free selling seminars to marketing and promotional partnerships, call Atticus Financial to find out how we can work together and grow together.